Events & Activities


Day Tours with Phangan Adventures

Explore the island of Koh Phangan with a guided tour.  See the best beaches, visit the Chinese Temple, sit in the fresh water pools at Phaeng Waterfall, visit the elephant camp and go trekking if you would like!  Enjoy lunch with an amazing view and enjoy some amazing snorkeling at Koh Ma!


Scuba Diving with Phangan International Diving School.

Experience the underwater world of Scuba Diving!  Whether you are an experienced diver or someone that just wants to give it a try, PIDS will find the perfect dive for you.  With daily trips to the world famous Sail Rock, you are guaranteed a great diving experience.  Plus, everyone has a chance to see a Whale Shark as they frequent this location.

Angthong Marine Park

AngThong is a series of 2 islands located in the Gulf Coast, about a one and a half hour boat ride from Koh Phangan.  The name “Ang Thong” translates to “golden bowl”. It is well known for its beauty.  Limestone caverns, dramatic rock cliffs and bizarre rock formations keep visitors in awe.   Enjoy a day exploring the caves, hidden lagoons, and white sand beaches and snorkeling among the shallow coral gardens.

Parties on Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is full of crazy parties, many going until dawn.  The most popular party is the Full Moon Party which brings thousands of people each month to drink and dance until the sun comes up.

Party Schedule* 2014-2015

*Please note:  All dates are subject to change

Hacienda Experience Full Moon Party Half Moon Party Black Moon Party Jungle Experience
 2014 Sept:6th Sept: 8th Sept: 2nd, 16th Sept: 23rd Sept: 7th
 2014 Oct:6th Oct: 8th Oct: 1st, 15th,31st Oct: 22nd Oct: 19th
 2014 Nov: 4th Nov: 6th Nov: 14th, 29th Nov: 21st Nov: 15th
 2014 Dec:4th,25th,30th, 31st Dec: 6th, 25th, 31st Dec: 14th, 27th Dec: 20th TBA
 2015 Jan: 2nd Jan: 4th Jan: 13th, 27th Jan: 19th Jan: 3rd
  2015 Feb: 1st Feb: 3rd Feb: 14th, 25th Feb: 17th Feb: 2nd
  2015 March: 2nd March: 5th March: 12th, 27th March: 19th March: 4th
  2015 April: 1st April: 3rd April: 12th, 25th April: 17th April: 2nd
  2015 April: 30th May: 2nd May: 11th, 25th May: 17th May: 1st
  2015 May: 31st, June: 28th June: 2nd, 30th June: 9th, 14th June: 15th June: 1st, 29th
 2015 July: 29th Aug: 1st July: 8th, 24th July: 15th July: 31st
 2015 Aug: 27th Aug: 29th Aug: 7th, 22nd Aug: 14th Aug: 28th
 2015 Sept: 25th Sept: 27th Sept: 5th, 21st Sept: 12th Sept: 26th
 2015 Oct: 25th Oct: 27th Oct: 4th, 20th Oct: 12th Oct: 26th
 2015 Nov: 23rd Nov: 25th Nov: 3rd, 19th Nov: 10th Nov: 24th
 2015 Dec: 23rd, 29th Dec: 25th, 31st Dec: 3rd, 18th Dec: 10th TBA